Easy-to-install cameras backed by a powerful software platform

Our cameras have intelligent AI chips to deliver full visibility into your facility


The simple installation of AI chips takes cameras to the next level with a quick integration time


Our web dashboard gives you full visibility from day one to get the answers you need with minimal overhead


Our cameras have built-in intelligence and process video data on site to guarantee privacy and security


Our cameras continuously learn new capabilities with an ever-growing potential for future applications

Leverage the power of AI to easily optimize your operations

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 as we speak, and we are at the forefront of implementing this innovation. We have seen computer vision and AI push the boundaries of what's possible and are now putting this technology to work.

Invisible AI powers an easy integration of AI applications that improve every day – maximizing your ROI from day one. Reach out and learn how Invisible AI can help scale your business intelligence and optimize your operations.

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