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Invisible AI tracks body posture and movement to give operators real-time feedback

Our platform is a digital tool to error-proof your manufacturing

Increase production quality

Help operators catch and avoid errors in real-time

Reduce process training time

Train operators faster using AI coaching

Gain visibility into assembly

Use the new insights to improve assembly lines

Our computer vision platform is simple to use and requires zero expertise

No coding. No lead time. No IT issues.

Deploy our low-cost and low-bandwidth cameras that don't cause any issues with IT

Our cameras don't stream any video to the cloud, making it easier to deploy

Simply record 2-3 examples of any assembly process to get it up and running

Our platform does not require months of data collection, resulting in fast deployments

Let the AI camera automatically monitor the process and give real-time feedback

Our proprietary computer vision platform requires no coding and is easy to use

The following demo for a radiator process was deployed in 5 minutes using only 2 examples

All of the pros, none of the cons.

No Coding

Our end-to-end platform uses a simple web dashboard to monitor processes, making it usable by everyone

Fast Deployments

Our proprietary AI platform only needs a few examples to start automated monitoring, getting you high quality quicker

Low Bandwidth

Our cameras do all the processing at the edge and don't stream video to the cloud, saving you a ton of overhead

Low Cost

Our solution uses low-cost hardware and makes computer vision accessible at scale, something not possible before

24/7 Feedback

Our AI is always helping team members avoid errors in real-time, giving you high yield and production quality at all times

Built-in Privacy

Our cameras never stream any video to the cloud, giving you ultimate privacy by design and avoiding any potential issues

Stop wasting time

Get ahead of the competition today

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